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A sample of the classes, groups, functions, fundraisers, and social events that take place in the area.

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Regularly Scheduled Events, Classes, and Gatherings

General Election 2019

General Election 2019

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Tai Chi – Frogmore

Monika Godfrey runs a health and well-being Tai Chi class at Frogmore Village Hall. Friday mornings from 11:00 to 12:00. This holistic Tai Chi class will improve your balance, flexibility, and strength. £6.00 per person. For more information, contact Monika: 07482 242...

Line Dancing

Sue runs a line dancing class at  Frogmore village hall, Monday from 2:30pm to 3:30pm. It's a fun way to meet people, get some gentle exercise and learn the basics of line dancing! All dances are taught slowly and steadily with lots of laughter along the way!...

Bell Ringing

Bells are rung at St Martin's Sherford for regular Sunday services, and can also be requested for additional church functions. St Martin's houses 6 bells, which are rung from the ground floor. The Sherford ringers are members of the Devon Association of Ringers, and...