The Coleridge Bus

A great way to get into Kingsbridge for your shopping, or to reach walking or cycling routes off the beaten track with no parking problems!

A public bus service run entirely by friendly helpful volunteers! Serving 10 rural parishes Tuesday to Friday with a different route each day.

Kingsbridge Dementia

A group of volunteers who live and work in Kingsbridge and the surrounding areas and we are focussed on raising awareness of dementia so that we can support people in our community who are living with dementia either because they have had a dementia diagnosis or because they are a family member, friend or carer for someone who has dementia. 

We aim to ensure that anyone living with dementia in our community feels part of the community and feels able to access local services, shopping, transport, and emergency services.


A not-for-profit organisation that aims to help enable and educate local individuals to be resilient in their own wellbeing.

It is all about compassionate communities connecting local people of all generations with each other and with organisations, practitioners and agencies that can support and facilitate resilience with the main aim of improving lifestyle, knowledge, happiness and health.