Friends of St Martin’s Church, Sherford

Who are the Friends?

The Friends of St Martin’s is a charitable association supported by folk who value St Martin’s as an important historic building and a place of peace and fellowship at the heart of our community.

Our forefathers played their part in maintaining the c13th building and the surrounding environment and it is our turn to help safeguard over 700 years of history for future generations to value and enjoy.

Everyone needs friends!

Our historic buildings are no exception. So please consider supporting us. We have raised over £16,000 locally through charity events, including promises auctions, pub quizzes, video horserace evenings, talks, concerts, lunch parties and donations.

The money and man-power has been spent on essential repairs and decorations to the church fabric, new heating appliances, ground works and garden of remembrance landscaping. It also enabled us to provide seed funding for a generous £18,000 Heritage Lottery Fund Grant, awarded for a pilot rood conservation project for our unique mediaeval chancel rood screen.

But more resources are needed to keep up with fabric and artifact repairs and to restore the ancient church walls.

Current Projects

Rood Screen

Expert analysis has revealed a rare mediaeval treasure. Initial conservation measures have determined the techniques needed to fully clean and protect the screen’s renaissance style figure paintings and oak tracery. The panels exhibit remarkable Flemish painting skills and landscape settings, unique in Devon.

We are launching a further £80,000 project to complete the conservation programme. And while funding contributions have been gratefully received from The Devon Historic Churches Trust, The Society of Antiquarians and The Church Building Council much more is still needed.

South Wall

Damp penetration over the passage of time has taken its toll on the church’s plastered walls. Extensive redecoration and restoration work is still needed. Self-help working parties will again be deployed but expert craftsmen will eventually be needed tor traditional lime plastering.

How to contribute

  • One way is to give money! Donations are warmly welcomed. Just contact our treasurer for details.
  • The Friends host fund raising events and volunteer helpers and new ideas are always welcomed.
  • If you have particular building preservation interest or expertise, or interests in helping the wider community please join us.



Peter Hadley

Projects Coordinator

01548 531240

Ian Collingwood


01548 532807