Council Meeting

Please join us for our next meeting which will be held at Sherford Village Hall on Monday 17th July at 7:00 pm.

The Open Forum is your opportunity to raise concerns or questions or to seek clarification of issues you believe the council should address. Your views are always welcome.

Agenda 2023-07-17

Our previous meeting on the 19th June has draft minutes available.

Draft Minutes 2023-06-19

Slapton Line

To better understand the possible future of the Slapton Line, SHDC has instructed an economic development consultant (HJA) to undertake an impact assessment of the A379 along Slapton Line prior to commencing any works.
The existing vulnerability assessment is also being updated via aerial survey by the University of Plymouth.

HJA Briefing note.

Ben Johnson
Vice Chair, Frogmore and Sherford Parish Council
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