Council Meeting

Our next meeting will be held at Sherford Village Hall on Monday 17th May at 7:00 pm.
This will be our first in-person meeting for over a year.
The meeting will be open to the public, social distancing rules will be enforced for attendees.

The Open Forum is your opportunity to raise concerns or questions or to seek clarification of issues you believe the Council should address. Your views are always welcome.

Agenda 2021-05-17

Our previous meeting on the 19th April was conducted online.

Draft Minutes 2021-04-19

Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan has progressed to the regulation 15 stage, in which a candidate final draft of the plan is submitted.
The updated plan and supporting documents can be found at

Planning Update

Several parishioners have asked us to keep them in the loop concerning the appeal site east of Creek Close.
An application detailing the 8 plots and associated development has been submitted and can be accessed at:
Notification of this application, and its appearance on the planning portal occurred much later than is typical.
As such, any parishioners wishing to comment in support or opposition of the application should not delay in doing so.

Nigel Smith
Chair, Frogmore and Sherford Parish Council
01548 531618