Our next meeting will be held at Frogmore Village Hall on Monday 20th July.
After conducting several of our recent meetings online, this will be our first ‘in person’ one for some time.
In accordance with the suggested social distancing guidelines and the policies of FVCA concerning usage of their hall, the meeting will not be open to the public.
We hope to be able to welcome parishioners to our next meeting, provisionally scheduled for 21st September, also to be held at Frogmore Village Hall.
If there are any issues you would normally raise during the open forum, please do get in touch with any of the councillors, or our clerk, or reply to this email.

Agenda 2020-07-20

Our previous meeting on the 15th June was conducted online.

Draft Minutes 2020-06-15

Ben Johnson
Communications, Frogmore and Sherford Parish Council
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