A quick update on planning:

Application 0429/18/FUL:
Erection of agricultural storage/transfer building with associated access road and landscaping, Sx777426, Frogmore.
We learned that there is to be a site visit on Monday, 3rd September at 9:45 and the application has been included on the Development Management Committee meeting on Wednesday, 5th.
It is our intention to be in attendance to represent your interests at both these meetings.

Application 1768/16/OPA:
Outline Planning application for the erection of 28 dwellings, creation of community allotments, accesses, highway improvements and associated landscaping.
In case you have not heard via the grapevine: the applicants’ appeal was rejected, and in his decision the Inspector made reference to the Parish Council’s evidence based report.
A copy of the full appeal decision document can be found Here.

Nigel Smith
Chair, Frogmore and Sherford Parish Council
01548 531618