Hi Folks

Well, as forecast the snow has arrived!  I will circulate any further news/forecasts that I get from the Met Office and/or Devon Control Centre but PLEASE avoid using the lanes through the Parish unless it’s an emergency.  If you must go out, PLEASE drive VERY slowly as I know there have already been collisions today.

When it finally stops snowing, I hope to do some ‘gritting’ myself later today.  (Please notify me if there are any particular sites that need attention.)

However, there is very little grip on most gradients (even for some 4 wheel drive cars) for both cars and pedestrians.

Please remember, there are Salt Bins in Mill Lane, Frogmore, adjacent to the former Boat Workshop, and also at the front of Sherford Village Hall where bags of salt are also stored – please help yourself.

Please also contact your neighbours to confirm they are ok.

Any problems, please get in touch.

Bill Grahamslaw – Snow Warden   531489