Our Frogmore & Sherford Community


Welcome to the Frogmore & Sherford Parish Neighbourhood Plan. Our thanks to all parishioners and stakeholders who helped develop and deliver the plan. The final stage, the referendum was held on 17th May 2022, recording a vote of 90.59% in favour of adoption. South Hams District Council endorsed the making (adoption) of the Neighbourhood Plan on 26th May 2022 and it now forms part of the statutory development plan for our area.  It’s advice and policies are a material consideration in all planning and development decisions taken by South Hams District Council and thereby a guide to future development in the Parish.

Why a Neighbourhood Plan?

The Government’s Localism agenda created the opportunity to ensure that decision-making in planning matters is passed down to local communities. It is for us all to collectively set our vision and objectives for the Frogmore and Sherford parish so as to ensure that any proposals for improving the area, providing new facilities or allocating key sites for specific types of development, represent and reflect our wishes and address the needs of future generations. The Neighbourhood Plan gives our community direct power to help shape the future development, regeneration and conservation of their area.  It allows the community to develop a shared vision for their area and to deliver the sustainable development we need.

The Plan in action

The plan is not static and it will be subject to periodic review. If you may be interested in participating in a future Neighbourhood Plan Review Steering Group, please notify the Parish Clerk of a Parish Councillor.

Meanwhile, thanks go to the Steering Group members – volunteers who gave their time and expertise to deliver the Plan.

Nigel Smith, 01548 531618, nigel@frogmoreandsherford.co.uk
Peter Hadley, 01548 531240, peter@frogmoreandsherford.co.uk
Keith Turner, 01548 531878, keith@frogmoreandsherford.co.uk
David Jinks, 01548 532899, david@frogmoreandsherford.co.uk
Amanda Starkey, amanda@frogmoreandsherford.co.uk
Ravinder Balasingam, ravinder@frogmoreandsherford.co.uk
Alison Balasingam, alison@frogmoreandsherford.co.uk
Ben Johnson, 01548 532952, ben@frogmoreandsherford.co.uk