Our Frogmore & Sherford Community



Welcome to the Frogmore & Sherford Parish Neighbourhood Plan. This is your opportunity to have your views and ideas incorporated into the formal local planning process. Once finalised and adopted, the Neighbourhood Plan will form part of the statutory development plan for our area.  It will be a material consideration in all planning and development decisions to be taken by South Hams District Council and thereby guide future development in the Parish.

Current Status:

We are currently at the Regulation 15 stage, where feedback from the community has been incorporated into the draft plan and can be submitted for expert scrutiny.

The latest versions of the documents can always be found at frogmoreandsherford.co.uk/draft-plan-document/

Why a Neighbourhood Plan?

The Government’s Localism agenda has created the opportunity to ensure that decision-making in planning matters is passed down to local communities.

It is for us all to collectively agree our vision and objectives for the Frogmore & Sherford parish so as to ensure that any proposals for improving the area, providing new facilities or allocating key sites for specific types of development, represent and reflect our wishes and address the needs of future generations.

The Neighbourhood Plan will give our community direct power to help shape the future development, regeneration and conservation of their area.  It allows the community to develop a shared vision for their area and to deliver the sustainable development we need.

Putting the Plan into action

Following the Parish Council’s October 2016 resolution to progress with the Plan, notices were circulated on-line in ‘Keeping in Touch’ and published in Frogmore’s ‘Croak’ newsletter inviting interest in joining the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. The Group presently comprises eight members:

Nigel Smith, 01548 531618, nigel@frogmoreandsherford.co.uk
Peter Hadley, 01548 531240, peter@frogmoreandsherford.co.uk
Keith Turner, 01548 531878, keith@frogmoreandsherford.co.uk
David Jinks, 01548 532899, david@frogmoreandsherford.co.uk
Amanda Starkey, amanda@frogmoreandsherford.co.uk
Ravinder Balasingam, ravinder@frogmoreandsherford.co.uk
Alison Balasingam, alison@frogmoreandsherford.co.uk
Ben Johnson, 01548 532952, ben@frogmoreandsherford.co.uk

If you are interested in joining the Steering Group or helping with specific tasks and have some relevant experience or expertise (though not essential), please contact one of the present members.

The Steering Group’s mission includes the following steps:

  • Liaise with South Hams District Council’s Neighbourhood Plan specialists.
  • Gather and coordinate the production of evidence based research to inform the Plan.
  • Arrange community engagement events – presentation meetings and drop in sessions.
  • Prepare and distribute a parish wide Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire.
  • Draft the Neighbourhood Plan framework based on community responses.
  • Arrange second stage community consultations.
  • Refine the Neighbourhood Plan in line with further community feedback.
  • Put the Neighbourhood Plan forward for formal adoption through a community referendum.

Your views and opinions are vital

Look out for the forthcoming community engagement events. ‘Drop in’ session presentations will be held at Frogmore and Sherford Village halls.

You will be invited to give views on your vision for the parish and the subjects and issues that should be considered in the formulating the Neighbourhood Plan. Priorities may include the provision for further affordable housing, opportunities for local business, enhanced amenities, infrastructure improvements, the protection of our countryside, community facilities and services – all or none of these, it will be your call.

These meetings will be followed up with a comprehensive questionnaire; a survey incorporating issues raised during consultations. These will be distributed to all households, businesses and other stakeholders in the parish. The findings of this survey will be used to prepare the draft Plan. Before it is submitted to South Hams District Council (SHDC) there will be a statutory six-week consultation period during which the Plan will be publicised to ensure that everyone who lives, works or runs a business in the Parish, as well as the County Council, the Parish Council, the Environment Agency, Natural England, English Heritage and others, have the opportunity to scrutinise it and make comments.

The draft Plan will then go for independent examination under South Hams District Council supervision. The Examiner will decide whether it complies with the regulations and has been properly prepared. South Hams District Council will then hold a parish referendum. Those eligible to vote will be registered on the electoral role.

If approved by majority vote the Neighbourhood Plan is brought into legal force and (unlike the earlier 2005 Frogmore and Sherford Parish Plan) will form part of the statutory development plan for our area.  It will then become a material consideration in all decisions taken by South Hams District Council on whether or not to grant planning permission and thereby guide future development in the Parish.

Most importantly, the local community’s voice will be heard when it comes to planning matters, but only if you speak up and have your say and record your views on local planning and community issues on your agenda.