Frogmore and Sherford Parish Council

The Parish Council meets each month except for August and December. Meetings are held on Monday evenings towards the end of the month and generally alternate between Frogmore and Sherford Village Halls.

Minutes are posted on this web site and on the Parish Notice Boards in each village. They are also available in Frogmore Bakery.

Frogmore & Sherford Parish Council aims to enhance the quality of life and promote pride in the community and the local environment by:

  • Helping to create a socially inclusive and caring community which embraces all residents and seeks to develop mutual co-operation.
  • Providing a democratic representational voice for the residents of the Parish and giving residents the opportunity to influence their future.
  • Delivering best value and quality service through the preparation of careful budgets, cost controls and appropriate use of funding sources.
  • Conducting Council business in an open manner and keeping residents informed of issues and events through newsletters, consultative meetings and an updated website.
  • Working in partnership with local organisations, agencies and other government authorities.
  • Protecting the rural character of the parish and promoting the enjoyment of the local environment

Parish Orders and Documents

Standing Orders
Councillor Responsibilities (2020 Draft)
Complaints Procedure
Disciplinary Policy
Grievance Procedure
Adopted Code of Conduct
Clerk Requirements
Planning Advisory Sub-group Terms of Reference
Transparency Code
Department for Communities and Local Government Transparency Code Reference
Internal Audit 2017/2018
Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2018/2019
Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2019/2020
Notice of Public Rights and AGAR 2020
Notice of Public Rights and AGAR 2021
Internal Audit Report 2021
Internal Audit Report 2021 Amended Page 5


Year to 31st March 2018

The most useful sections are provided as separate, printer friendly PDFs.

Accounts PDF
Payments PDF
Receipts PDF

If you would prefer to view the entire spreadsheet file, it is available Here.

Year to 31st March 2019

Spreadsheet file.

Year to 31st March 2020

Spreadsheet file.