Your Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire

Thank you to everyone who completed and returned their Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaires. 186 have been received, which is 45% of the total delivered. Some respondents indicated that they were replying on behalf of themselves and other family members. The overall response has been very encouraging.

Many respondents added welcome views and comments, as invited, and these are being accounted in drafting the Plan. Meanwhile attached are summaries of the views expressed in answer to the statements posed in the questionnaire. The summaries are divided into those received from Frogmore and those from Sherford and the north of the parish.

Numbers are recorded on the left-hand side of the pages and percentages are provided on the right-hand side. Not everyone gave views on all statements and so totals will vary.

Please contact a member if the Neighbourhood Plan steering group if you have further thoughts on any matters relating to the Plan.